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Some of our esteemed clients


There are many ways that Alchemy can help you and the most popular is the in-house collaborative workshop to identify and prioritize a savings pipeline.

Once we understand your needs, we:

  • Research and analyze your products, creating unique, targeted and effective tools for idea generation
  • Conduct thorough preparation and planning prior to leading and facilitating the in-house workshops
  • Fill and prioritize your pipeline with quick wins and long-term savings ideas
  • Develop and refine key savings ideas to take forward immediately

Read what our customers say about workshops in Testimonials.

Other Ways We Can Help You

If your internal resources are stretched thin, we can analyze your products ourselves and generate a prioritized list of savings projects.

If you’re starting from scratch, we can work with you to develop a savings program that fits the culture of your company.  We can also help you get the right people in the right positions and train them.

An alternative way to increase gross margin and net revenue, we work with you to identify new features and improved claims for your products which your consumers will readily pay more to obtain.

Why only look within your company walls for savings?  Incorporating your suppliers into your cost-optimization programs can lead to solutions that benefit everyone.  We can help you with this!

For more ways we can help you, please visit our Services page.

We firmly believe in partnering and win-win as the only way to succeed –  so do our customers!

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